Shaping Your Financial Future

Shaping Your Financial Future

Supporting Your Favorite College Sports Team

by Angie Wells

There are many individuals that will have strong emotional ties to a college sports team. Not surprisingly, these individuals may want to try to help these programs. While it is possible to donate to a college sports team, there are some misconceptions that can discourage individuals from attempting to support their favorite college team.

Myth: College Sports Teams Always Have Lots Of Resources

Individuals often assume that every college sports program will be flush with resources. While this may be true for the football and basketball teams at large schools, this is not always the case for smaller schools or sports that are not as popular. As a result, these teams may actually be at a disadvantage due to having fewer resources, lower quality facilities, and less general support for these teams. This can lead to these programs relying on donations from supporters to remain competitive.

Myth: You Will Have To Donate Large Amounts Of Money To Actually Help The College Sports Team

Individuals will often be hesitant about donating to a college sports team due to assuming that they will always have to donate very large sums of money to be able to help their school. In reality, these programs can rely on smaller regular donations from supporters. This can be more predictable for the program as they can reasonably predict the future revenue from donations while also being more convenient for individuals to provide support. Furthermore, many of these programs may accept donated vehicles as there are used car buy-back and scrapping programs that can offer substantial compensation for these vehicles.

Myth: You Have To Be An Alumni To Donate To A College's Sports Team

While it is common for people that have graduated from a particular school to want to support the sports team, there is no requirement for a person to be an alumnus of a school to be able to support the sports team. For example, individuals may move into a community that has a local college team that they want to support, or they may not have had the opportunity to attend the college of their favorite team. Regardless of alumni status, individuals can still donate and work to support these teams. In fact, supporters may even receive privileges such as access to preferred seating, open practice days, and other benefits that can help them to feel as though they are a part of the program. Understanding these options when you are planning to donate can help you to ensure that you are fully capitalizing on the benefits that come with your support.

For more information on why you should donate to college athletes, contact a professional near you.


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