Shaping Your Financial Future

Shaping Your Financial Future

Save Money This Holiday Season by Shopping for Your Teenagers at a Pawn Shop

by Angie Wells

If you have recently received your teen's holiday wish list and it has expensive items on it, do not immediately start to worry. Your local pawn shop will have many great gift options to give your teen for the holidays. The following guide walks you through a few of the great gift options that are available at a pawn shop.


Pawn shops have many electronics for sale at affordable prices. Big-screen televisions, video game systems, stereos, and even cell phones can all be found at a pawn shop. When you go to buy a piece of electronic equipment from a pawn shop, be sure that you test the item to make sure that it works. The pawn shop should have a staged area available for you to use to check the item before buying it. Find out if there is any return policy on the pieces in case they do not work properly after you take them home.

Designer Purses

Designer purses can be very expensive if you buy them from a retailer, but pawn shops sell authentic purses for far less than the manufacturer-suggested retail price. Be sure that you choose a purse that will match with many different outfits so that your teen can get as much use out of the purse as possible.


Just about every type of jewelry imaginable is available at pawn shops. You can choose from necklaces, rings, or even bracelets for your child. There are designer watches and diamond jewelry available too. When you go to the pawn shop, you do not need to know the exact size ring your child wears as most rings can be sized to fit your child's finger perfectly later. Be sure to choose a design and the metal that your child likes the best. Jewelry with your child's birthstone could serve as very touching and unique gift.

A Vehicle

Pawn shops also have cars, trucks, and even motorcycles available for purchase. You could get your child a vehicle for their holiday present for very little cost. Be sure to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic before giving it to your child to make sure that it is safe and doesn't need any work. Any vehicle you buy from a pawn shop will be sold in as-is condition. That means that there may be slight repairs needed to make the car run as well as it possibly can.

The prices that pawn shops charge are much lower than the cost that you would pay if you bought high-value items outright. The items will still be in very usable condition and worth the investment if it brings a smile to your teen's face when he or she opens the gifts. Find a shop in your area like Westminster Jewelry And Loan to begin the search.


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