Shaping Your Financial Future

Shaping Your Financial Future

Getting Help From Bail Bonds Companies

by Angie Wells

Even good people sometimes tangle with the law. When that happens to you or a family member, you may need help from a bail bonds company. Do not panic. You can find reputable companies that can help you through this difficult time and get you out of jail quickly.

Who Needs Them?

If you have never had a run in with the law, you may not know how the bail bond process works. After all, you have no plans to ever be arrested. However, statistics show that over 50% of American men will be arrested at least once in their lives. One in every three people will be arrested by the time they turn 23. These numbers should convince you that you may need to bail someone out of jail at some point. 

What Are They?

Bail bonds are a financial arrangement that the bond company makes with you and the court. Once bail is set, the amount may be too much for you to pay in full. As a result, you might need to turn to a bail bonds company that will secure your release if you pay them a percentage of the entire bail amount, usually 10%. The company then puts up the rest of the bail. They get that money back if you appear at all your court dates. If you do your part, the bail bond company keeps the percentage you paid them as their profit. The bond companies usually want collateral as well to cover their losses in case you do not show up at your court dates and bail is forfeited. 

Choosing a Company

Asking someone for a referral while you are incarcerated is not a practical way to find a bail bondsman. You can have friends search online for a company, but they will need to make certain that the bail bondsman is licensed and well rated. The most practical way to find a good company is to ask your lawyer to recommend one. Experienced legal representatives have almost daily contact with bail bonds companies, so a recommendation from them can be trusted. 

Chances are either you or someone you know will be arrested at some point and need help with bail. If you cannot afford the full amount, you can contact a bail bonds company. The service will cost you a significant amount, but it will be a price you are willing to pay if you are ever incarcerated. 

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